10 March 2018

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I have been working with the second grade teachers at my school to incorporate more techy, interactive  activities in science and social studies.  In the state of Georgia the social studies standards were revised this year to incorporate a new famous Georgian: Juliette Gordon Low.  To help out my second grade teachers, I created this Google Slide HyperDoc below:

My teachers are using this HyperDoc in a couple different ways.  Some have used the materials whole class while others are having their students make a copy into their Google Drive.  Either method both the teachers and students are loving getting to learn about this amazing woman in this way!

*Note* Due to restrictions in my school system on YouTube for students, all videos have been downloaded into my Google Drive then shared.  Links to the original YouTube videos are in the Works Cited slides if needed.

Students get to learn about Juliette Gordon Low's life in a variety of way including videos, articles, and an interactive timeline.

Students demonstrate their learning by completing activities in Google Drawing including a timeline,

a Venn Diagram comparison with either Jackie Robinson or Martin Luther King, Jr.,

and character trait graphic organizer.
Printable versions of these activities are included in the notes section of the Google Slide.

Students also had the choice between two final projects to complete for the study of Juliette Gordon Low.  They could choose to decorate a cookie box to represent Juliette Gordon Low
or create a badge for Juliette Gordon Low.

You can get your own copy of my Juliette Gordon Low HyperDoc by clicking here or on the picture below:
I hope you enjoy using this HyperDoc if you are a Georgia second grade teacher or would like to study Juliette Gordon Low as part of Women's History Month.  Feel free to share with me what your students do with this HyperDoc!

07 March 2018

Check out the Freebies tab!

To make your life a little easier when looking for any of my free resources, I have now linked them all up in the Freebies tab above.  All my freebies, whether listed here, or on TPT are linked in this list.  If you click on Filter you can choose subject areas of the freebies!  Enjoy!

28 February 2018

Leveling Up our Googley-ness

Hey y'all!  I feel like I need to give you a little more explanation on my current adventures in education.  My job title within my school district is Local School Technology Coordinator, but all those words mean that I am a technology instructional coach.  I spend my days getting to serve and work with the teachers in my school building on implementing the use of technology authentically and effectively to help them deliver content.  I LOVE IT!

This year has been a HUGE year for my school technology-wise!  We have become a G Suite for Education school!  This was made possible by my school district, so our G Suite for Education experience is a little different than most schools out there.  Here are some things we are working through:
  • NO Google Classroom -- We already have a learner management/online classroom program
  • No YouTube for students (this was not a new but crossing my fingers that may be in the works to change)
  • No Gmail for anyone
  • No Groups or Hangouts
But since this G Suite is new for most of my teachers...they don't feel these growing pains.  We are finding a lot of materials that use these to tools, and it is my job to get creative and find ways to do the same job but in other ways.

Since G Suite is new to my school, I have also been doing A TON of professional development to help my teachers learn ways to use Google Apps to deliver content.  Recently, I just happened to do a professional development session...and it took FOREVER to prepare!  Since it did, I wanted to share it with you to maybe help you out!

You will notice this round of professional development has a theme...here's a hint...
We first learned some goodies that you can do with Google and about sharing settings...

If you would like your own copy of this presentation to adapt for your staff, you can get your own copy here.

Then we learned about how we can use G Suite tools to help us deliver content for our students.  I designed a HyperDoc for self-paced, self-guided learning in a Google Form...

This HyperDoc was divided into different sections..  First, we reflected on the good things we have found already about using G Suite...
We did this in AnswerGarden... a great tool for brainstorming and collaborating on ideas.  Check it out at https://answergarden.ch/ 
We looked again at why using Google apps are a good thing...
We looked at how Google tools can help us raise or teaching game...
We looked at resources that we could use to help us deliver content to our students...
I also took the opportunity to introduce my teachers to HyperDocs...
We also looked at how challenges are okay and how to solve them...
I also gave them a chance to enter for a door prizes of RocketOne Notebooks and Google stickers by completing a faux social media posting summarizing their learning for the day. 

Here are some my teachers creations...


Like I said, I took a lot of time gathering all the resources and putting this professional development HyperDoc together, so I want others to be able to get use out of it too!  Click here to get your own copy of the Level Up Your Googley-ness HyperDoc.  I hope you enjoy leveling up your Googley-ness!

*Note -- I had all the questions except the bonus turned on as required questions.  I turned off the required setting to allow you to move through the Google Form easier.

17 February 2018

Discover New Lands with Lewis and Clark -- My first HyperDoc!!!

As I said I've took the Online PD from the HyperDoc girls, Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis.  This was absolutely one of the best professional development classes I have ever taken!

During the course, you are guided in how to plan and design a HyperDoc and its cousin, the Multimedia Text Set (MMTS).  Oh my goodness!  This made my little artsy craftsy, digital designing heart happy!  

I am so excited to share with you what I created!  First up, my Multimedia Text Set about Westward Expansion...

Click on the picture above to get your own copy of the Westward Expansion MMTS.
This Westward Expansion MMTS was designed to activate background knowledge and introduce students to this period in history.  I gathered a variety of videos, interactive content, infographics, and other resources about topics Georgia's 4th grade social studies standards.  Here are some ideas for use:
  1. Explore this MMTS as a whole class, and give students a paper copy of KIQ to record on while exploring
  2. Push the link out to students to explore on their own!  They will be forced to make a copy of the KIQ to their Drive, and they can share and turn it into you.
Then from this I created the following HyperDoc in Google Slides... 

You can use this HyperDoc in a number of ways!  
  1. Go through the slide deck as a whole class.  Students can answer the questions in a journal or use this handout for recording answers
  2. Students can go through the slide deck independently answering questions in journal or the handout above.
  3. Have your students make a copy (either with the link like I did or through File-Make a Copy) of slide deck for their Drive and fill in the answers right on the slides.  Then they can share their copy of the slide deck with you.
I hope your students enjoy learning about Westward Expansion and Lewis and Clark through these resources!  If you liked them, let me know in the comments below!  Have other suggestions of how to use these resources, let me know in the comments below!

* Note - My school system has YouTube blocked to students.  This is why I downloaded the YouTube videos and have them stored in my Drive.

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