28 June 2018

My first Google-y Product Update - A Meteorologist's Helpful Tools

Good morning!  Are you out on Summer Break like I am?  I actually have been out since Memorial Day, but I have been keeping super busy taking classes (I'm getting my coaching endorsement this year!) and TEACHING classes to staff at my school.  So now I'm officially on Summer Break with no school responsibilities until the last week of July! (But really who am I kidding...my to-do list is already a mile long!)

So what do I do on my first day of official freedom...I update a product for you!  And guess what!?! It's all Google-y!  Oh...and interactive notebook-y!  But still all kinds of fun for your students!

Weather Instrument Cut & Paste has been updated to A Meterologist's Helpful Tools. Click on the picture above to get yours!  Students will still be matching names of weather tools to their descriptions.  But now includes 3 fomats:
  1. The original letter-sized (which will fit into a spiral notebook for interactive notebooking) 
  2. *NEW* Composition book-sized (this was my preferred size for interactive notebooking when I was in the classroom) 
  3. *NEW* Google Drive format - DIGITAL CUT & PASTE! - give your student their own copy through Google Classroom (or create a Force A Copy link) and students will drag and drop the names and descriptions. 
You can get your updated copy on TeachersPayTeachers!  I hope you enjoy these updates!  Let me know what you think because I am working to update more of my products like this one!



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  8. Thanks for sharing this interesting and practical classroom resource. Meteorology may not be a fun subject for many students, but with an enthusing and practical study material, they become more receptive to learning. Kudos to a great blog!

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