25 February 2012

My First Post

I finally decided to bite the bullet and start a blog.  Why you may ask do I want to take the time to write and send my thoughts out into cyberspace.  Well...it all started with Pinterest.

Yes...I am among the many that have fallen in love with Pinterest.  Wait that is an understatement.  I don’t just love Pinterest...I am addicted to Pinterest.  My family, friends, and coworkers are already tired of hearing about the site, but they only encourage me by repinning my pins.  I worry that Pintrest will go kaput, and all my fabulous pins will be lost.  I need to join a Pintrest Anonymous Group.  (note to self...search for a pin for that)  But I digress...
In my short seven-year teaching career, I can already document major developments that have changed my teaching life: 
  1. Reading Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally by John A. Van De Walle. 
  2. A technology retro-fit at my school including the installation of an LCD-projector followed by a Mimio Board. 
  3. The discovery of Pintrest!
Pinterest has brought me so many ideas through other teachers’ blogs.  In our age of testing, I have discovered new ways to continue to make learning fun and memorable.  But reading all these other blogs made me realize that I had ideas to offer too!  I only hope someone may stumble upon my blog and be able to take at least one good idea back to his or her classroom.  Maybe even to repay the other teacher bloggers out there that have given me the gift of ideas that I have been able to use.

Oh, I forgot to introduced myself, but I will save that for another day...

P.S.  Thank you to Leslie Lambert at Sweetie Baby’s Custom Blog Design for creating such an adorable blog for me!  Go give her a look-see!

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  1. Your blog looks really cute. I love the test taking treat ideas. Thanks for the free downloads!

    FYI - You are spelling Pinterest incorrectly, you left out the first e.
    Happy blogging!


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