10 July 2012

Back in the Classroom...and a Reminder!

I went into my classroom for the first time since the end of May, and I found...
Now you may be thinking, "Wow...doesn't look too bad to me!  Carpets are clean.  Furniture pushed against the walls.  The front looks a bit piled...but I could deal with that!" 

Unfortunately, to my trained eye, I see a mess.  I couldn't the massive pile of "stuff" off to the left.  My book shelves are on the opposite sides of the room than they belong.  That huge pile at the front of the room belongs anywhere but there!  Just the full teacher desk in the middle of the room is overwhelming.  Ugh...really not what you want to walk back into!

So what should have been a 15 minute drop off of new pillows...turned into an hour of moving heavy furniture in the heat...luckily I had just come from the gym and was sweaty and gross anyway.

Don't forget...
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  1. Hi Jessica,

    You need sliders. They are plastic coasters you put under your furniture so you can scoot it wherever you want and save your back. You can find them in home improvement stores or Target. I have a big bag of them that I use to move all my furniture at the beginning and end of the year. Good luck as you set up your room...it is so overwhelming the first days back. I will be back in my room next week and moving my furniture back to its proper position too!

  2. Carpet!!! Whaaaaaaaat??!!?? My first year I had a 1/2 carpeted room. It absorbed sound (and small paper remanants) so much better.
    I am glad that our school has a strict no one in their room until August 6th (this year) policy. Otherwise my type-A would totally take over, and who knows what kind of monstrostiy we'd end up with in room 26. :)
    I am a former 2nd teacher who was repurposed to 4th grade 3 years ago... so your style is quite familiar!!! Thanks for having a great blog!
    Feel free to visit

  3. Just found your blog! Super cute!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us and congrats on your 200+followers!


    Keeping Up With First Grade

  4. I can't wait to get back in my classroom! 2 more weeks ! I am your newest follower and a fellow 4th grade teacher! I found you one Teaching Blog Addict. Come check out my blog:
    Fancy Free in Fourth

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