05 September 2012

Come in and Make Yourself at Home!

Welcome to my made-over classroom!  I decided this summer to do a little redecorating for a couple of reasons
  1. There were some things that after 7 years had not been replaced...and looked like it!
  2. My rough on everything bunch last year had made other items need to be refreshed!
  3. I am The Polka-dotted Teacher, and I had very few polka-dots left in my room!
So here is what my room looked liked before Meet Your Teacher Morning a month ago and before a single child stepped foot inside...

This is the view of my classroom from my door. You will notice many of the walls look kind of blank because we fill them up with anchor charts, vocabulary, and such as the year goes on...
Here is the view from the other side of the room...
Pictured here are my social studies and science boards...yes I made the banners myself...well I did get assistance from my new Silhouette Cameo.
Here is a closer look at the Social Studies board...(do you see the cute pencil dispenser???? A Pinterest idea!)
Now a close up view of the Science board...Don't you love the triple border???  A trick I learned from SchoolGirl Style!  And yes I did hang the banners on polka-dot ribbon!
Now here is my small (very small) group table...with crate seats (Shout out to my crafty daddy for helping me with these!)...the kids actually fight over who gets to sit on them...a schedule is in the works!
Here is a peek at my desk area.  This is really a look at D.O.T. Books waiting for their new owners...what are D.O.T. Boos do you say?  I will tell you about them later!
I'm sorry but I can't give up my teacher desk like some of you can!  The bookshelves are new...I had a different set up before with less actually storage space and way more clutter space.
Here is my classroom meeting area...I was surprised I could find a set up with 30 desks plus lots of floor space too!  Lots of new polka-dot pillows...and the best deal I have ever gotten on a rug...87.50!
And here are some more comfy chairs that the students enjoy...
Finally here is my CRAFT (free from Ladybug Teacher Files) wall ready to go and redone book basket labels...
We are not quite looking so fresh anymore...but that is just evidence of active learning going on, right?  Anyway I hope you find my classroom as cute and fun as I do!


  1. I am jealous of your pillows!!! Where did you get the cute USA Bulletin board?

    Your room looks great!

  2. Very cute! I love the layered bulletin board borders.


  3. I LOVE your room! It looks awesome. My room is cramped! 34 desks and a reading table takes up most of my room!



  4. how did you make the crate chairs?? those are awesome


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