03 November 2012

It's November!!!

It is November, so it is time to link up with Farley and 
for another round of... 
now to break it all down...
Listening--why must movies mess with books so much???  I LUV the book by Sophie Kinsella (the epitome of British Chick Lit!) and the rest in the series.  The Confessions of a Shopaholic movie totally different than the book...but it is great for background noise while writing your Currently!
Thinking--I'm not sure when I started doing this, but I grade while watching during Georgia football games (of course, not in the stadium...on tv, silly!).  Grading during the game keeps me from getting too emotional about the playing on the screen...have literally scared one of my dogs yelling at the players before!
Wanting--For Christmas, my grade level does a favorite things gift swap.  We purchase something that is our favorite for each person on the grade level...I can't decide what I want to do, but as I type this I may have just gotten some inspiration!!! (I'll update later!!!)
Needing--I have been continuing Random Acts of Kindness in my room...and it has turned into a monthly project.  In October, we wrote letters to soldiers as part of a local radio station's letter collection.
I haven't thought of an idea for this month...but this is kind of what I'm thinking...using these the thankful notes here...
I am open to more ideas!
Music--I know I'm late on this...but I just discovered Pandora!  I have been using it this week...it is a fabulous to create the mood that I want...Need to calm the students down?  Lullaby station.  Need some Halloween music?  Kidz Halloween station!  Wowee!
Loving--Early voting is fabulous!  Luckily I timed my voyage to the early voting establishment just right to wait only an about hour rather than the several hours...and I left this section last because I have a bit of a soap box to stand on...(sorry to get a little political here!)
The big item on the ballot here in Georgia is not the presidential election (do not get me wrong voting for the president is still incredibly important to me), but a new AMENDMENT regarding charter schools!  This amendment would created an appointed commission to approve charter schools...not the local or state school board.  Funding for these new schools would come out of the already dwindling state budget meaning even larger class-sizes, more furlough days, and less funding for needed resources.
Now I have absolutely no problem with charter schools and having choice but when the push for this Amendment comes from foundations and for-profit corporations outside our state, there is a HUGE problem!  Plus the wording on the ballot is just plain confusing and does not address the real issue being proposed!
So I say all that to ask Georgia readers (who have not already voted) please vote NO! on Amendment 1!


  1. So cool... I love reading these Currently's!! Random acts of kindness are always the most rewarding!!

  2. What is the favorite things gift exchange? I would like to try something new for our team. We are up to 9 people and it's getting expensive.
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  3. I love your Random Acts of Kindness idea. I think I'm going to do thankful notes as well.:)
    iTeach 1:1

  4. Your random acts of kindness are a fantastic idea! I might have to borrow the idea to use with my class. I also adore the name of your blog! Newest follower!


  5. I found you from Farley's Currently. I love your blog name & design.

    My very 1st year teaching, I did a WOW Wall that was like a Random acts of Kindness. It was from floor to ceiling and it was red rectangles (aka - bricks) about 4 feet long and 10 feet high. When students saw Other kids doing something nice, they wrote on it. I taught 61/2 classes (4 7th grade, 2 6th grade and 1 20 min. intervention of 8th graders). When the wall was filled, I agreed to do a game day. This was 2nd semester and we got there right after Spring Break. I loved it, they loved it. And, I even played dodge ball that day.


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