15 February 2013

A Sweet Valentine's Day

A Happy Belated Valentine's Day everybody!

I wanted to show you some pictures of the little Valentine's celebration we had in our classroom.  It was a mustache theme!
First, here are the valentines I gave my students...
Yes the mustaches were pulled off and put on faces (which was not my intention at all so they were not sticky thus the shortage of tape in the classroom today!)  And do not worry my peanut allergy student got heart shaped Gobstoppers instead of M&Ms.
I do Valentine's Day a little bigger than most other holidays since it is also my birthday! I set up a kind of large treat spread...
Not my best table set-up...but the students just wanted the food!  Here are the treats in the box...
Petit fours from a yummy bakery in town...so much better than cupcakes...melt in your mouth delicious...and less messy too!
We enjoyed reading our cards and our Sweet Secret Messages and each student left feeling full, special, and loved!
The best gift of the day...sending the students off to a four day weekend...yippee!
I hope your Valentine's day was as sweet with your students as it was with mine!


  1. I absolutely love the mustache theme. I have a mustache coffee mug at school. The kids go crazy over it. :)

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I am cracking up over the mustache theme, too! So many of my students had mustache-themed Valentines! I loved it! Thanks for sharing.
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