Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exciting things in the works!

It has been a while since I have posted...1) because being a mentor teacher to a student teacher is hard work (even if she is fabulous!) and 2) my grandmother is has been sick so I have been helping my mom out.  All that being said, between home and school there has been no time!

But today, I went to a fabulous little conference that got me really excited!  My school system has for years had an online high school campus, but now they are in the process of developing a middle grades online program to start next year and an 4th and 5th grade elementary program to start the year after that.  Well, I was selected to be part of the development team for the elementary school program!  I thought I knew a lot about intergrating technology--but boy do I have tons to learn!

Hopefully I will get to share some of the new technology ideas and resources that I learn--my favorite one so far I just got on Friday--
iSpring is an add-on for PowerPoint.  It converts your presentation into a Flash file, so it may be viewed by anyone without PowerPoint.  I am trying to figure out how to post an example.  But it really is easy to use!  I know I am going to be able to use it with my students to publish their PowerPoint presentations.

Speaking of exciting things in the works...I have posted more to my Teacher's Notebook store! 
I am going to post my first free item--it will support the Exploration Passport that I posted today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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