18 March 2012

My St. Patrick's Day Treats

With only four weeks (not counting Spring Break) until our state testing, I can feel my teammates getting stressed.  In my district, fourth graders must pass all five sections of the C.R.C.T. in order to be promoted.  For my team and I that is usually not a problem.  This year's group of fourth graders is...let's just say...challenging!  We also have more pressure at my school to have students not only pass the test but exceed standards.  Eeek!

Since it was St. Patrick's Day anyway...I decided to surprise my teammates with a little treat to let them know that I'm thinking of them.  I found a treat on Pinterest for some inspiration from "It Is What It Is."  I followed her directions, but I created my own tag because I wanted the wording a little bit different from what Beth has available for download.
I think mine may have turned out just as cute as hers!  The gold at the bottom are Rolos candies then layers of M&Ms (I think M&Ms is still running low on red from Valentine's Day...barely had enough to make all my treats!)  I made enough not only for my teammates but also my nephew's teachers as well.  (Can you believe that cute little basket is from the Dollar Spot at Target!?!  Love Target!)


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