23 March 2013

How Did I Survive?

It takes losing something to make you really take for granted what you have!  I especially feel this way about technology.  I don't realized how much I rely on technology in my classroom until one piece of it goes out...

When I started teaching 8 years ago, besides a laptop and television, the most sophisticated piece of technology in my classroom was the overhead projector.  I couldn't stand it...but boy did I use it like crazy!  I made everything into transparencies and invested in lots of overhead manipulatives!

Then the next fun thing I got at the end of my first year of teaching was a piece of equipment that connected my laptop to the 27in television...wow!  Now I could show websites or video clips...they were tiny but definitely made a lesson more interesting!

When my school got a technology retro-fit, at the end of my second year, boy did things change!  Each classroom got an LCD projector...and a new range of possibilities opened.  Now my students could actually see the video clips and websites I was showing!  I couldn't even realized it could get better!  But the technology tools kept coming and coming!

Now in my eighth year of teaching I am lucky enough to have a plethora of technology tools at my fingertips...laptop, projector, Mimio interactive white board, Mimio tablet, document camera, Kindle Fire tablet, student responders.  I am discovering more and more things I can do with each of these every day.  Like yesterday, my students took a test and chose their answers on the student responders at their own pace...instant feedback!  Wowee!

Now that my school system is in the process of going to BYOD (bring your own device), I can't wait to see what possibilities will be out there in the coming years.

I happened upon this graphic that shows how we as teachers are changing in our technology use...take a look!  It is pretty amazing how far we have come!

What do we Know Infographic
Brought to you by OnlineUniversities.com
How has your technology use changed since you started teaching?  What is your favorite piece of technology in your classroom?


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