10 April 2013

Get Up and Go to Compare Fractions

I wanted to share with you an activity I posted today...
I used this activity with my students earlier in the year when we were learning fractions.  It has been on my to-do list to clean and pretty up for you.

I love to get my kids up and moving as much as I can!  And the students love it too...and they are so engaged!

Here is how this game works...we are comparing fractions to a benchmark fraction...in this case 1/2.  I put a fraction up on the board along with instructions about how to move...
The students move to a part of the room based on how this fraction compares to 1/2.  Now you know there are some students that are just going to follow the crowd...ok..fine.  That is where questioning and discussion comes in handy.  I ask students why they chose to go to a particular part of the room.  The "followers" hear the thinking of their peers and eventually they are no longer just following the crowd.

After the discussion, we view the visual representation...
And then we see the correct answer.

My students had lots of fun getting up and moving while learning.  Better yet the lesson sticks with them!

I would love for you to get your own copy.  The links below will take you to your favorite store so you can purchase a PowerPoint presentation of this game...
Have fun comparing fractions as you get up and go!


  1. This looks great. I love any games or activities that get my kiddos up and moving! I'm your newest follower.
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I love your blog! Very cute and informative. It's great to find other upper elementary bloggers. I'm your newest follower!


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