07 April 2013

It's Spring Break!

Yeah!  It is Spring Break!  We have had more frequent breaks this second half of the year, and I love my students...but it was definitely time to have some extended time away from each other. :)
What's my plan for this break you may ask?  The big plan is doing as little as I can!  Of course, there is the obligatory cleaning and washing, errands to run and such, but more specifically here is the list...

  1. Getting a filling replaced...trying to avoid a root canal later and also getting rid of a yucky silver for a more subtle color.  I love silver just not in my teeth!
  2. Grading...I have a stack of those loose papers from those students that can never turn in work on time!
  3. Ok...get ready for a major nerd moment...I have a big Lego kit to put together!  I {puffy} heart Legos...always have...always will!  I got one in this same series for my birthday, and it took a couple of days to put together.  I couldn't wait to get another with the plan of working on it during Spring Break.  Here is what I will be building...
  4. Finally I will be getting ready some stuff for testing which will begin the second Monday after we get back...making testing treats (you can find them here) and revise some review to go along with Common Core.
What are you doing (or did you do) away from school on your Spring Break?


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