16 June 2013

Let's Get Ready to Multiply!

Ok...let me make a major confession...I am a closet professional wrestling fan. It is my guilty pleasure! J I love it because of its soap opera-like qualities, the drama, the fireworks...not the violence of the sport.

I have been so hard at work already getting materials ready for next school year. I want to share with you a multiplication game inspired by my secret love for wrestling that my students love and beg to play over and over! (Yes love and beg to multiply!)

I call it “Tag Team Multiplication”. This game helps students learn how to multiply using multi-digit numbers using the partial-product strategy. In the Common Core standards, this strategy for multiplying is referred to as “using a strategy based on place value and properties of operations.”


But the best part of Tag Team Wrestling is students are actively learning a strategy while they are playing a game...a strategy they can take right into other pencil/paper work! This game is so flexible you can use it in basically any instruction situation. The game changes and grows as students are ready to move into multiplying larger numbers. If you are required a certain number of grades in your gradebook like I am...you can easily grade the recording sheet for the Tag Team Multiplication. Plus it creates a memory trigger in students’ minds that you can refer them back to when they get stuck in solving!

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to purchase a copy of this game to use with your students!


  1. I enjoy you blog and ideas very much. My school district uses Everyday Math. One of the games in this series is called "Multiplication Wrestling." Your game is just like it. (I don't want you to have any copyright issues.)

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  3. The ideas are good it helps the teachers to teach the students with different ideas and make them get involved in the work more effectively,thanks for sharing ideas.


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