28 September 2013

Itchin' to Read this New Book

I just got the most adorable new book...

Bugs in My Hair! is about a topic most teachers (and moms and dads) dread...LICE!  When I was a child, I did my time with them...and as soon as my mom got my case cleared up, then my sister got them!   After reading this, my mom add to my own personal lice story...As your mother, I want to clarify the history on the liceapolooza. When you got lice (ICK), you got them from a girl in the class who was a repeat offender. In fact, when you got them 7 other students in the class were found to have them when checked. So... moral of the story is... if a kid in the class has them, and doesn't do what is needed to be done, they will continue to spread over and over throughout the room. (AGAIN ICK)  I have been paranoid about sharing brushes and hats since!  Just hearing the word "lice" makes me itchy...I'm itching as I type!
My students loved Bugs in My Hair!, and it was a fun read!  Mixed in with David Shannon's colorful artwork is the story of a boy, his mother, and a battle with the dreaded lice.  What my class loved most was how he sprinkled facts in story...sometimes as part of the text and sometimes in fact box-like inserts. 
You can definitely tell Mr. Shannon has gone to battle with a "Lice-A-Palooza" himself.  At all grade levels Bugs in My Hair! is a wonderful mentor text for writing what you know and how you can write about something ordinary but make it a really great story as well.  And if you teach your students about circular stories...this is a perfect example!
This book definitely needs to be a part of every classroom library...but wait you can add it yours!  David Shannon has given me a copy of this book along with two of his other great books to add to your classroom library...

Both of these books are popular student reads!  A Bad Case of Stripes is a perfect book to use to teach all the elements of fiction...especially theme, character, and plot.  No, David! is a perfect back to school read to introduce classroom rules.  Get them both now by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below...

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  1. We had to send parent letter's home, custodians scrubbed the room down. The school nurse did a couple of mini lesson's on how lice spreads, etc. My head is itchy just thinking about it.

  2. None yet this year! We have a part-time school nurse who takes care of this area.

  3. In 8 years of teaching, haven't had this one yet. Umm I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

  4. My school has had two breakouts just this school year!! (Yuck!! Gives me the creeps!) And just like your mom said, it has started from the same family every time. Our custodian took triple the time with each classroom.

  5. Oh oh my!!! Those little critters gives me the shivers. I wouldn't know what to do if I happen to see one. Yikes!

  6. We have all boys and have been very lucky to only have been hit once when they went to a sleepover party. It was awful! But.. we were able to use the medicated shampoo and shave their heads because it was summer time.

  7. Thank goodness those buggies haven't hit us yet!!

  8. This is very common issue faced in school days by every students,i do remember my school days getting back with bugs it so difficult to get rid of those and thank god i never faced this issue after my schooling


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