27 September 2015

Presenting...My Classroom! (A little late!)

Hello!  Long time no see...but I'm back with some news!  I am no longer a 4th grade teacher...I have graduated, and I'm now teaching 5th grade!

So with a new grade level, I had to move to the 5th grade hallway.  And of course a new classroom is going to need a new look, and I wanted to show it off to you all!

Here is a wide view of my classroom...
This is the front area of my classroom with dry erase board and a look at my new book bins from Really Good Stuff
 A closer look at the new book bins with new labels from Ladybug Teacher Files...
 My math board waiting for the strategies we "discover" and vocabulary rings below...
 My reading and writing boards waiting for charts documenting learning...
 This wall has alternating black & white polka dot and black on black polka dot fabric (the fire marshal allows us to only have half our boards covered with fabric---grrrr!)
 Reading and writing wall from another view...I have triple boarder on each fabric square.
 My chapter book library...
 My classroom door with a welcome message inspired by Lessons with Laughter...
 Student computer area (set up for Meet Your Teacher day!)...
 Another look at the student computer area with reference signs above...
The new two pictures are my science and social studies boards. Can I say I am so happy that Scholastic made black pocket charts!!!  They are waiting for vocabulary.

 Another view of my classroom...

Due to knee surgery this summer, I have to say I couldn't get my classroom put together this year without help!  My mom is as perfectionist as I am and an expert fabric hanger. My dad helped paint the science and social studies board black and moved furniture around the room for me.  I sure do appreciate all they did to help me...ESPECIALLY in a room with no air conditioning during the Georgia summer.


  1. I really like the classrooms, so rich in colors. The whole environment gives a very creative and pleasant feeling. Learning there would be a lot of fun.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your classroom with us :) I teach special ed and I'm thinking all the polka dots are a bit busy for my students :/?, and our fire Marshall doesn't allow anything within 18 inches of the ceiling :(. But your room looks great :)-thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. You have a very rich classroom. If I were a child I would love a place like this to go to each day. As an Educational Consultant, I visit many classrooms that have no energy or life in them and this is a breath of fresh air.

  4. You have such an exciting and vibrant classroom! Not to mention how organized, very well done. I would love to have learned there.

  5. Wonderful appearance everything looks in a brilliant shape lot of ideas come out after visiting this post thanks keep sharing.

  6. This is awesome! I looove your map - where is it from?

  7. your class is just out of this world. i wish my daughter would learn in your class. i so like the declarations on the door.

  8. Thanks for sharing your classroom. You have spent time to make it the way it looks shows your passion for what you do. You inspire me and many people out there!

  9. Superb! Excellent class decor. all the things are so well organized. It looks awesome!

  10. Your classroom is adorable! I am an aspiring teacher always looking for new ways to organize my soon to be classroom. I think your organization and bright color scheme shows that you have a very welcoming classroom environment!! Way to go!!


  11. Amazing Colors & I really like. Thanks for sharing this

  12. Im working as a teachers aide in Queensland and stumbled across you blog I love it!

  13. I really like your desk setup! When I visit a classroom with desks grouped by 3's or 4's it always feels so crowded and tight. Having two large groups definitely opens up your classroom. Are there any drawbacks to having your desks in two large groups? Do you change desk arrangements often throughout the year?

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