Thursday, March 23, 2017

Check me out...

Hey y'all!  It has been awhile since I've written, but hopefully that will change as I have some position changes coming in the future.

Until then, I want to share with you a short article that I got to take part in...just a little something fun!  Click the picture below to go to the article...I'm #4!

Do you agree with this list?  What advice would you add?


  1. Hi jessica your blog is so beautiful and unique your thought is to state and your article is to good

  2. Great job Jessica. As always your post is too awesome and unique and i really enjoys lots to read it. Thanks for sharing this post with us...........

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  4. I absolutely agree with the article that you posted. Number 1 definitely hits the nail on the head. One thing that I am guilty of is venting to my husband about the work day. We both get stressed about work and are there for each other if we need to chat about it. One thing we decided to do is not bring up work at all during the weekends. This is our time to decompress, relax, and enjoy time together. I also found #10 to be funny because I always refer to my students as "my kids." People out in public probably find it funny if I mention "my kid" and what they got into today lol. I love this article and can relate to all 11 things to know about dating a teacher. Thanks for sharing!

    Allison Betts

  5. I do agree with the point mention in your post.


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