10 February 2019

Better Than Brag Tags...Swag Tags!!!

I have told you a little about my Professional Development badging program...but students can benefit from a similar type program too!  I found out about an amazing line of Swag Tags from Boost Promotions that would help you accomplish an amazing student badging program in your classroom.

First, you may wonder why Boost Promotions' Swag Tags?  These swag tags are super durable!  They seem like they are made of plastic but more likely a laminated cardstock.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes including ovals, guitar pics, circles, shields, pencils, and more!

Boost Promotions' Swag Tags also have an almost overwhelming selection of designs in their Design Library.  Boost Promotions's Design Teams have created Swag Tags for academics,
 arts, attendance, behavior, birthdays, clubs, holidays, collectibles, and other awards.  If you are like me, you can even modify their designs or create your own.

To start out, I suggest giving one of the Teacher Kit Swag Tags a try.   You can choose 10 packs of designs.  There were so many cute designs I had a difficult time deciding on just 10...
You also can get them customized with your name or your school's name. 

While I suggest Boost Promotions' Swag Tags for badging, you can also use them for other incentive or reward programs.  Some schools even sell them as a fundraiser!  They can fit so many needs...they are worth the look!

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