03 February 2019

PD Badging - Part 2: The Badges

So in my last post, I introduced you to the PD Badging program I created for my school called the B.E.S. Tech Challenge.  Now you are probably thinking what exactly must be done to earn a badge?  Or the more popular question I receive, where do you get these cute badges from?  Let me start by answering these questions, and more.... 

How do you choose what tools or topics you create badges for?

I have a couple different ways I choose what tools or topics I will offer badges for.  
  1. My school district has a set of evidence-based pedagogical strategies supported by the district for use in every classroom called the Quality-Plus Teaching Strategies. Each strategy has tools that help support the use of these strategies.  I want teachers at my school to have the knowledge of how to use these tools in their bag of tricks, so those are included (or being worked on being included) in my PD Badging program.
  2. I take the recommendations of ed tech tools and topics from other technology coordinators and coaches as well as those I have collaborated with on the work for this PD Badge program.
  3. I also take the recommendations and suggestions for badges from the teachers at my school.  I love hearing what tools and topics they about which they have heard and would like to learn more. 

What must be done to earn a badge?

To earn a badge, learning as well as evidence of that learning must be completed.  Learning through videos and other websites are available through the badging website.  While record my own screencasts as well, I rely on videos posted on YouTube as well as tutorials posted by others on websites and other bloggers.  I am also available to teachers to help them through their learning.

Once the learning is complete, evidence of that learning needs to be submitted. Evidence is usually creating something using that tool by the teacher or the student.  Or evidence could be a score report from using a tool in a lesson.  Whatever the evidence is, the teacher is encouraged to use the learning they are doing in a lesson.

Here is an example of one badge and what must be completed in other to earn a badge, Animoto Level 1...

  • Create an Animoto account (if you don't already have one)
  • Create a one-minute video aligned to your content area
  • Get the link and include it in the badge request form

How do you create the badges?  

I create the design for each badge using Google Drawing.  Why Google Drawing and not another design program?  Every design program has its benefits and purposes...I use multiple different ones depending on my project or mood!  Google Drawing works perfectly for me and how I set up the back end of my PD Badging Program by being able to publish an image to the web.

When designing a badge,  I use the shapes and fonts available in Google Drawing.  I also use clip art from Miss Tiina, Creative Clips, Erin Bradley Designs, and Maree Truelove along with icons from The Noun Project. I also will usually include the logo of the particular tool or website the badge is for.

Where can I get your badges?

Unfortunately you cannot earn my badges. (sorry!)  You also cannot buy my badges since I often create my badges using the logo from tools and websites belonging to others.  But you are in luck...I am sharing the PNGs for badges I have created and will create with you...

Just click here to access the Google Drive folder where you can download a copy of the badges you would like use.

Do teachers get a physical badge?

Yes!  When a badge is requested and approved, the teacher gets a certificate of completion as well as a physical badge!  The physical badge is removable vinyl sticker, which can be placed on most surfaces without leaving any residue.  I use Sticker You.com because I have found it to be the most affordable.  On Sticker You.com, I can get a sheet of 20-2 inch by 2 inch stickers for $9.99, but when you buy more sheets of stickers the cost of each sheet decreases.

I think I covered everything you could want to know about badges portion of my PD Badging program, but, if you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments!  Be on the look out for more information about PD Badging.

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