06 May 2012

A Book-Lover's Pilgrimage

My mom and I made our yearly pilgrimage to a place that can be extremely dangerous for book-lover's like us.  (Have you I told you my mom is a teacher?  And a fabulous one at that! And she is just as much of a bibliophile as I am!)

Can you tell what this is?  It is a Scholastic Book Fairs' Warehouse!  All those shelves are filled with books...books to buy and take home and love!

I live about 40 minutes away from one of these warehouses.  At the end of each year, they have a sale to empty their shelves to make room for more beautiful books for next year's Scholastic Book Fairs.  I have been going to these each year since I found out I had my very first teaching job!

Oh what a dream!  A dream for my bookshelves...not so much my wallet!  I found so many new books to use next year as I prepare some new units to go along with our switch to the Common Core Standards. 

But one good thing about going to the Book Warehouse Sale with my wonderful mom is I can't get my credit card out of my wallet fast enough to pay for my books...even when I purposely went to a different line, so she wouldn't attempt to do that...I still wasn't quick enough!  (Thank you again Mommy!)

I came home with this fabulous box (some years it would have a twin or a triplet!)...

(The box itself really is fabulous...better than a copy paper box...thick cardboard with a hinged top...I am sure all you teachers understand my giddiness!)  Inside are all my wonderful book finds...

I will tell you later about some of my specific finds...but I was excited to find to new releases...Chompand The One and Only Ivan...and all of these were 25 to 50% off!  Plus I had a coupon for another discount!

Are you interested in going to one of these sales? You can find a list of sales around the country by going to the Scholastic Book Fairs website to find more information and sign up to receive notifications about future sales!  (By no means is Scholastic paying me to gush about them...I'm just a really big fan!)


  1. OMG! I wish we had these in the UK....


  2. OMG! I wish we had these in the UK!


  3. Hi! THANK YOU for sharing this and the scholastic site, I was able to find a place 5 miles away from my house that will be hosting this event too!!

    Christy =)


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