15 June 2012

More New Technology Finds

I have been scouring the internet for more technology to help me in instructing students online...and I am really getting into the Web2.0 craze!  (The new buzz word for the more interactive internet!)  I have found some pretty cool sites...some may be new to you and you will be just as super excited as I am... some may not but if you are like me, I can always use a good reminder!  Some of these I found on my own and others were shared with me at a school system inservice.


Gone are the days of the plain old poster when you can make a virtual poster with animation, audio, and video clips!  Have you played with Glogster yet?  I did a little playing and here is what I created...
Now this is my first effort at creating one of  a glog, so please don't be too judge-y! :)


Do you use concept maps?  Want to make them more interesting?  Then this is another cool online app!  It once again allows you to insert video into you concept map.  Here is a simple one that I created about multiplication...
I think my students would have a fun time creating one of these!


If your students love cartoons as much as mine do, then this is a great website to help you create some more interesting instruction.  And it was so much fun too!  Take a look at what I made...

Make a Video - Powered by GoAnimate.

I could see my student completing reading responses with this or any other types of reports!

I will keep playing and designing and show you what else I come up with...but for now do you see yourself using any of these tools in your instruction?


  1. Jessica,
    I love these ideas! Can't wait to play around with them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love hearing about new technology tools! Thanks so much for sharing these! I can't wait to get in and play with them a little bit. :)


  3. Great tools! Glogster was my kiddos' favorite tool this year. Every time we did a project I heard, "Can we make a Glogster?" The kids were so excited about it that they basically taught themselves how to do it.



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