26 June 2012

Summer Shopping

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged...I have been a very busy girl! :)  I have been to two two-day workshops: one on our new Science textbook adoption and one on Implementing the Math Common Core.  I finished the second out of three courses of my gifted certification/endorsement.  I have been an online lesson planning fool (and I thought up until today that it was getting quicker!).  Finally planning an adorable baby shower to take place the Saturday after the first week of school.  Combine that with all the things I want to get done for my classroom...and I will need a vacation from summer vacation!

I have done a little shopping for back to school and much of it arrived today!  So, I want to show you what I have gotten as part of...
One of my new online shopping finds is Fabric.com.  A box came today with supplies for classroom projects...
I am redoing the tags on my classroom library baskets.  When you re-do the tags, you of course have to get new ribbon too!  I love this Dippy Dots ribbon to accompany my new all polka-dot theme.

Another project, I am working on is making crate seats.  You know the seats made out of the filing milk crates?  Well the fabric for those seats came in the same box as the ribbon.  I love the colors...they make me sooo happy!

Next came a box from TeacherDirect...Amazingly enough I placed this order on Monday morning, and my box was on my doorstep Tuesday afternoon!  Wowee!

I get my students special math journals each year.  I like them to have composition books with gridded pages...but this year I found these cool ones...
As you can see below, they have a grid on top and ruled lines on bottom!  Perfect for math journaling!  And they cost about $0.80 less than the ones I usually get! 
While I was shopping on Teacher Direct, I stopped by their clearnance page and found some cool things to support our science...

Our second unit is Sun, Moon, and Stars, and I found this cool moon globe...
It has the landings of all the moon missions labeled, the seas, and the visible hemisphere of the moon...perfect for our studies!

Another clearance find was this little kit...
Light is our third unit of study...and we talk about the different kinds of lenses and reflection.  I love the lenses in this kit because they aren't glass, so no worries about anyone with a case of the "dropsies!"  I also love the mirror because it comes with a holder that allows you to show a convex and concave mirror.
I have some more shopping to do, but I need to wait for payday to do it...I will be sure to share my finds though! :)

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