22 December 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

We did not really have a discussion of the sad events in Connecticut at my school this past week.  Luckily my students came in on Monday morning in a twitter about Sunday's exciting Atlanta Falcons game rather than discussing any other current events. 

And although we did not talk about what had occurred, I knew my students knew.  They did not need to ask why we now had a new uniformed police officer patrolling inside and outside the school building.  They wanted more hugs, and I was eager to give them.  They mentioned Connecticut or a shooting, and all I could say was it was very sad, but we are safe.  I also kind of knew that my kind and sweet class wanted to do more.

So on Wednesday morning, during my morning lollygag time where I check Faceboook while I get ready for school, I was so grateful to see a message amidst the prayers and pictures about a little something that we could do.  I did quick research to verify and found out about Snowflakes for Sandy Hook.

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook is a project being put together by the Connecticut PTSA.  Since students will be returning a new school and not to Sandy Hook Elementary in January, they wanted create a happier atmosphere for these student who have been through so much by creating a Winter Wonderland at their new school.  And they need snowflakes...oodles and oodles of paper snowflakes.

Since Wednesday was our last day before our Winter Break, I knew this would be a perfect activity for my students to complete.  I also knew others at my school would want to help as well, so I spread the word.

I set out a 24 inch by 18 inch by 10 inch box outside my classroom door to collect the snowflakes.  Snowflakes came from all over the school...kindergarten through fifth grade and even our office staff had created beautiful snowflakes.  By the end of the day, the box was overflowing!  After some quick rearranging, I was able to get the box shut but not before adding a short message of love and prayer from our school.
If you want to help, there is still plenty of time to make and send your snowflakes.  Please go to the Connecticut PTSA website for more information and other ideas of how you can help.


  1. Oh my goodness...I didn't know about this until now, but on Friday before our holiday party I taught my kids how to make snowflakes and have a nice stack on my desk at school! I'm going to box those babies up and send them on! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for sharing the snowflake information. I just found your darling blog and love all of your ideas.


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