09 February 2018

Falling in Love with Education again...

I was in a funk.  Honestly, I was in a teaching funk.  I don't think I have admitted this to anyone, but I would go as far as saying my love for education and teaching was slowly burning out.  I felt like a terrible teacher.  I didn't feel like getting on here and blogging because I definitely didn't feel like I had have anything creative or fun to share with anyone else out there.

I tried getting my groove back.  I thought a change of grade level from 4th grade to 5th grade may do the trick.  Unfortunately, it only made the funk worse.  I was dreading planning, grading, the classroom, and everything else that went with it.  So blogging once again wasn't an option because I was trying to keep my head above water, and I didn't have my heart in teaching enough to try to motivate others to teach.

And then last year happened...the worst year of my teaching career.  You know one of those years where you are just in survival mode, and you dread the walk into that school building every day.  Now I don't want you to think it was the students...it was a perfect storm of circumstances that were enough to do this crumbling teacher in.  In one school year, I cried more than I have ever cried in all my years in education. 

My only bright light of it all was the support I had.  My mom, also an educator, was there for whenever I needed to vent, give advice, or give me a shoulder to cry on.  I am lucky enough to have my administrators, who were incredibly supportive of me and my abilities. All this support saved me from handing in my letter of resignation.  Well, that and I didn't know what other options I had than to teach.  But as preference forms came out for placement for the 2017-2018 school year, I loved my school, I still had a little glimmer of love for education, but I just didn't know if I could do it again.

But then, a rare and beautiful opportunity came!  My principal asked if I would like to move into the position of Local School Technology Coordinator (basically technology coach).  I was a leader in my school for technology and our learning management system.  I had led a number of tech staff developments.  She and the current (but going part-time) LSTC had faith that I could do it too!

I tell you all of that to say I'm getting back into my groove!  During this 2017-2018 school year, I have been working with teachers as an LSTC and working with students in the early intervention program and interrelated resource.  I have loved being able to concentrate on technology and inspiring the teachers of my school to get more tech-y! In the picture below you will see a sample of what I have been up to since August.

I am inspired once again to blog and share with you...although you will notice my blogs will take more of a tech-based focus.  I have been sharing some of my doings on Facebook and Instagram, so please be sure to check them out!  I also have another trick up my sleeve to really help my groove back.  

I look forward to sharing with you again!


  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Enjoy!

  2. I'm so glad you're getting your groove back! You have SOOOO much to offer! It seems like you've landed in the perfect spot and we are so lucky to have you there! :)


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