10 February 2018

My classroom...I mean office!

I missed out on the beginning of the year classroom reveal.  Well, once reason was because at the beginning of the school year I had moved into my "classroom" just two weeks before, and all my stuff was still in boxes.  The second reason was that I am not longer in a classroom...I have an office!

For some reason, for someone who loves decorating, decorating an office was trickier than decorating a classroom.  This space would have a double use.  I still teach some students, but I also am working with teachers.  So I wanted to create a space where both groups would feel at home and welcomed!

Welcoming teachers was the number one reason for these chairs!   I looked everywhere for some comfy, cute chairs!  I found these on Wayfair...they are velvet and soft a comfy. You will probably also notice the black and white polka-dot rug...another Wayfair find!

I knew I wanted to display motivational sayings and signs.  But I also knew I needed away to display them.   Wayfair to the rescue! (I promise they aren’t paying me!) I love the character this book shelf has and all the space for knickknacks!  And I do have candy for teachers and students...yes the candy matches the decor!

My office is a work in progress...but I hope to be here for a little while to work on it! 😉

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  1. Your office looks very welcoming and exciting, Jessica. Enjoy!


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