12 February 2018

The Hyperdoc Handbook...Highly Recommended Reading!!!

This year, my school became a Google G Suite for Education school.  As I was planning staff development for my staff about the beauty of having Google Apps, I kept running across these things called HyperDocs.  Oh my good gracious...I didn't even realize the amazing resource I stumbled upon!

If you haven't heard of hyperdocs, then you MUST know about them!  Hyperdocs are a method of delivering instruction designed by The Hyperdoc Girls, Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis. 

Here is a little bit more about what HyperDocs are...
from Hyperdoc.co
By using HyperDocs in your classroom, you can... 
  • purposefully and deliberately choose web tools
  • allow students to interact with content in various ways
  • allow for digital student collaboration
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • give students the opportunity to create authentic digital artifacts to show what they know
Here is an example of a HyperDoc about HyperDocs...
from Hyperdoc.co
The HyperDoc Girls have outlined their ideas in The Hyperdoc Handbook . (seen below)

This book is a seriously an easy read for the busy teacher!  (I definitely recommend having your own copy...I have referred to mine over and over!  I got the eBook, so it was not only cheaper but it would be wherever I need it!) The Hyperdoc Girls provide all the knowledge and resources you need to start creating HyperDocs for your classroom, and they constantly update these resources too.  The Hyperdoc Girls are also very active online on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for guidance when needed!  They have an awesome website at https://hyperdocs.co/ with all the resources you can want more.  The TeachersGiveTeachers section of website also allows you to give and take HyperDocs too!

But even better than that, I took online PD, HyperDoc Boot Camp from The Hyperdoc Girls themselves...and I highly recommend it! 
This was one of the best PDs I have ever taken!  I learned so much and feel more confident in my HyperDoc abilities after learning from the designers themselves!  Because it was all online, I could work on it during my time, so it was low stress that way too!
Happily learning about HyperDocs! :)

I am have been a Hyperdoc-ing fool since taking this class!  Don't worry though, I will share with you the HyperDocs I create.  Happy Hyperdoc-ing! 

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  1. Excellent! A completely new step in the direction of education for students. To be honest i have heard the term "HyperDocs" various times but didn't actually knew that what it exactly means.
    Great! And also the HyperDocs can very very helpful for surveys, company idea generation sessions and also for various data generation uses.
    Awesome thing!


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