03 October 2012

Currently...It's October!

Oh my goodness!  No way it is already October!  This means it is time to link up to
for another month of Currently!  So here goes mine...
I am SO loving my class this year!  I am loaded with gifted students this year...13 out of 28!  They are sweet as can be...and VERY eager to learn!  So eager in fact, I am a bit behind on my school system's instruction calendar...but how can you deny students' desire to gain a deeper understanding!  I am having difficulty doing so!  (Holy exclamation points Batman...can you tell me class excites me???)
I would prove to you my need for a magic desk fairy...but the magic desk fairy is so necessary that I am embarrassed and choose to be in denial instead.  Just imagine the Alps...substitute the snow for papers...and now you have a good idea of what I'm dealing with!  But with a furlough day coming up and not a lot of free time, the Alps will be quickly turning into the Himalayas in no time!
Right now in my classroom, I am reading aloud Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  Unlike previous years, before starting Percy Jackson, we prepared by reading many greek myths before I started this read aloud.  I am loving this year how my students "get" all the references in the book.  Fabulous...you should hear the connections we are making!


  1. You usually have a para? I'm jealous! I would love to get extra help in the classroom. Well actually, I just need a secretary!!!!! LOL! I could also use a visit from the desk fairy as soon as you are done with her. ;)
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  2. After you finish with that magic desk fairy can you send her my way? I am currently conducting an engineering project. How many layers of paper, etc, can you have on your desk before it falls over? Hoping it doesn't all come crashing down tomorrow!


  3. I love your cute blog. I found you through Farley's linky. I also have a class full of gifted children, but not quite the ratio that you have. I could use that desk fairy too...looks like she's going to be busy!

    Come visit me at The Lodge if you get a chance!



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