06 October 2012

Multiplication Madness

Math happens to be one of my favorite subjects to teach...mostly because I have learned so many fun new ways to teach and practice math that wasn't part of my own math education.  And since I just used this resource in my classroom, I thought I would share it with you.
We have just finished up multi-digit multiplication.  Due to implementing the Common Core this year, this topic was moved from a midyear topic to the beginning of the year in my school system's instructional calendar.  Eeek!  It is difficult enough at this time of year to get 4th graders to remember to put their names on their papers let alone the steps and procedures in long-multiplication!  So this means lots of practice, practice, practice but I'm not one to tell my students to pull out the practice book or copy a packet of worksheets.  I think it is more fun to play some games instead!
So while I work with small groups of students...guiding some practice or enriching others...the rest will complete practice in other ways...on iPods or task cards or games.  Multiplication Three-in-a-Row is one of the games my students played this week.
Multiplication Three-in-a-Row is similar to tic-tac-toe, but there are no x's or o's.  Played with two to three players, one player will choose one number from box A and another number from box B.  They will then multiply these numbers.  The opponent will check the player's multiplication on a calculator.  If the player is correct, he or she can place a marker on the board.  If incorrect, then no marker can be placed.  Then it is the opponent's turn.
Now is when the math thinking and strategy gets a little more interesting!  The "brighter" math thinker will use some estimation to help them find the products that will make three-in-a-row.  Those that do not figure out that strategy right away will randomly pick numbers from the boxes hoping to make the product they need.  Either way, they are getting the multiplication practice they need!
You can get your own copy of Multiplication Three-in-a Row for free!  Click on the icon of your favorite teacher resource website below to download two game boards: one gameboard multiplying a 1-digit by a multi-digit number and another game board multiplying a multi-digit number by a multi-digit number.

Enjoy and happy multiplying!


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your blog is the cutest ever, and I have no why I am just NOW a new follower :) So good to find other fourth grade teachers.. and polka dots are my faaav !! :) I love chevron as well, but polka dots will hvae my heart for a while! ;)



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