28 October 2012

Unraveling the Elements of Plot

We have learned about characters, setting, and conflict, what is the next natural thing to study?  Plot!  So that is where our learning adventure took us next!

After we spent a couple of days learning about the elements of plot and completed guided practice of identifying plot elements within a book, it was time to put our knowledge into practice.  I gathered some of my favorite books of varying complexity that also have a good plot structure.  Then I matched the books with pairs of students.  While students were finishing reading their books, I gave them the plot diagram below...

This was a rough draft of an bigger version that would come later.  Students worked again with their partner to identify the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution in their text.  I love hearing them discuss and being able to base their ideas on evidence from the text!

When they were finished, I conferenced with the partners about their diagram.  For some we had to make a few tiny adjustments, and others were sent back to give more than one event in the rising or falling action.  But once all parties were satisfied with their diagram, I gave the group a large piece of chart paper to create a large illustrated version of their diagram.  And boy did they have fun and get creative...

I was impressed with their work and better yet they learned a lot too!  Success!
Below are the items that I use to teach the elements of plot.  If you would like to get them for yourself...simply click on the button of the store of your choosing!



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  1. Your blog is adorable! Thanks for sharing your Elements of Plot lesson! I'm a new follower...I'd be honored if you visited my little blog sometime.

    :) Wendy

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