13 July 2012

Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway... a Rafflecopter giveaway

Look for your gift certificates in your inbox, Virginia!

10 July 2012

Back in the Classroom...and a Reminder!

I went into my classroom for the first time since the end of May, and I found...
Now you may be thinking, "Wow...doesn't look too bad to me!  Carpets are clean.  Furniture pushed against the walls.  The front looks a bit piled...but I could deal with that!" 

Unfortunately, to my trained eye, I see a mess.  I couldn't the massive pile of "stuff" off to the left.  My book shelves are on the opposite sides of the room than they belong.  That huge pile at the front of the room belongs anywhere but there!  Just the full teacher desk in the middle of the room is overwhelming.  Ugh...really not what you want to walk back into!

So what should have been a 15 minute drop off of new pillows...turned into an hour of moving heavy furniture in the heat...luckily I had just come from the gym and was sweaty and gross anyway.

Don't forget...
Click on the picture to take you to the giveaway!  You 1 day left!

05 July 2012

200 followers means giveaway time!

Wowee!  I have reached 200 followers...thank you to everyone who enjoys me so much that they want to follow me!  I know I have been kind of boring right now...but when school starts back (in a month from tomorrow...EEEKKK) I will definitely get more interesting!

To celebrate...

I am going to give a $10 gift certificate to Teacher's Notebook and another to TeachersPayTeachers to one of my loyal followers!

Here is how you can play...

Each task on Rafflecopter earns you one entry.  (If it is something you have already done, you can go ahead and click that entry!)  You may do as many or as few as you would like after you make sure you follow me!
Thank you so much again!  And I am so excited to have my first giveaway! :)

03 July 2012

A Fab-u-lous Follower Goal and Awards

I am SIX followers away from 200 followers!  Help me get to my goal, so I can do a giveaway because I soooo want to do one!

I have been awarded two awards today...

First, I was awarded the...
from Allison at

  Thank you Allison!  So here is a first block of 15 bloggers who I am passing this award on to...
 The second award I received was
 Thank you to Amy at
for giving me this award!

Here are the rules for this award...

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include the award image to your post.
4. Include the award image on your blog.
5. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
6. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
7. When nominating other bloggers, include links to their sites.
8. Let those bloggers know they have been nominated

So, 7 random facts about me...
 1.  I teach in the elementary school I attended.
2.  My mom and I taught together in the same school for one year.
3.  I actually majored in broadcast journalism in college...my one big rebellion!
4.  I attended a women's college.
5.  One of my guilty pleasures is WWE's Monday Night Raw...seriously, it is really a soap opera!
6.  I am a scrapbooker...or really a scrapbook supply collector!
7.  When I retire (in 23 years!), I would love to open a scrapbook supply/gift store.

Here are 15 more derserving blogsters...

Wow...this is a lot of good blogs!   Go visit each one of them!

01 July 2012

July Currently

I can't believe it is already July!  That means my summer break is half over!  Boo!  But I am so excited it is the beginning of the month because that means it is time for Currently from

So here we go...

Thinking--Ok I have been wanting a Silhouette die-cutting machine for a while.  I have a Cricut, but I am planning this baby shower and need a butterfly...many butterflies!  Well of course I don't have butterflies on any of my cartridges...and I just got frustrated...so I bit the bullet and bought the new Silhouette Cameo Digital Craft Cutter Machine.

Reads--I love to start off the school year the book Rules by Cynthia Lord.  If you haven't read it, it is about a girl whose brother has Austism, and she must wrestle with others perception of her brother and her new friend.  I have had students on the Austism Spectrum the past few years, and it really helps to build tolerance not only of these student but also of others.  Number Talks is a fabulous book to help you build your students mental calculations...my students have done amazing math thinking with strategies that I have learn from this book!   I hope you get a chance to read these!


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