06 October 2013

It's October!

Wow!  It is already October...I can't believe the school year is flying by soooo fast!
And since it is a new month...
that means it is time for
So here is what's currently happening with me... 

Listening -

Law and Order: SVU is my background noise.  I can get a lot of good work done to this show!  Thank goodness for Netflix!

Loving -

My school district, like a bunch of others across the country, has a new teacher evaluation.  Ours consists of 10 Standards in which we can be rated as Ineffective, Needs Development, Proficient, or Exemplary.  We have two sets of two unannounced brief observations, one announced half-hour formal observation where all 10 standards need to be observed, then a conference.  While I am not in love with the whole evaluation process...(I don't mind being observed, but when it is about your job that is a little more stomach turning!) My formal observation was this past Tuesday, and I got results back on Thursday morning.   I was really pleased!  All standards were in Proficient or Exemplary...whoo hoo!

Thinking -

Whoa...first quarter has flown by!  This means my teetering stack of papers to get graded this weekend must be completed whether I like it or not because quarter report card grades will be due soon...bleck!  Luckily, there will be a L&O: SVU marathon on tomorrow...so away I will grade!

Wanting -

Speaking of grading...if I must do it...I like to make it fun!  I'm not an only red pen grader...I like to be colorful!  I am picky about my pens though...I must have a bold point...I prefer gel to ball-point...My regular writing fav, the Pilot G2 bold, only comes in blue or black...Ultra-thin Sharpies are the perfect width, but they bleed through and the fumes will make you a little loopy with overuse...Flair felt-tip have the perfect colors, but they also have some drag on the paper.  I can't find the perfect grading pens...suggestions greatly appreciated!

Needing -

My stress relief is paper-crafting - real paper or digital.  I haven't had time to do any fun crafting -- but I'm prepping to do some crafting for Halloween once I figure out what I want to do!  But here was my last little project...


Trick -

Do you know Evernote?  It is an app that can be installed to your phone, tablet, or computer...and it lets notes you take in meetings, conferences, small groups, or student conferences be available to all your devices!  You can also take audio and video recording then shared your notes too!  Can you imagine the possibilities for portfolios, student support team meetings, and parent conferences...you can allow anyone in on student successes, struggles, and progress!
Have a great October...

 Happy 2nd Birthday to my fun, smart, little nephew Colt!



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