30 January 2014

Get Ready for the Big Game with a Sale!

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18 January 2014

Some Big Pieces of News

1.  I'm going to be aunt again!  My sister will have a baby boy in June...giving me lots of time to give my older nephew lots of loving when the new baby comes and time to love on the new baby too!

2.  In case you hadn't noticed, I've had a blog redesign!  Thank you so much to Tenille at The Cutest Blog on the Block for putting up with me and my perfectionism and still designing the most adorable blog I've ever seen!  She looked at pictures of my classroom and the ideas I had and incorporated them into a design is so much more me!  She still has a couple more things to do, but soon you will see my facebook page and new Etsy store will match too!  Yea!

3.  I'm now on Bloglovin'!  Either click here to go follow, so I will be in your daily feed! (Soon the heart at the top of the page will take you to Bloglovin' too!)

03 January 2014

The "Hi-Lite" of going back to school!

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I hope your new year is starting off right!  Mine has!

I go back to school on Monday for a professional development day then students come on Tuesday.  I think because this is the latest we have ever gone back, I am kind of loathing the thought of it.  I have enjoyed being lazy at home, having on daytime television, and basically doing what I want to do when I want to do it!

But I do miss seeing my students!  I love the second half of the year fourth grader...they know the expectations, they are that little bit more mature, their sense of humor is coming out more...they are just fun and more eager to learn!

So to show my students I am eager to have them back I am going to have a little treat on their desks...
(yes this is the picture of the one I made last year since I am making these today)

I have updated the year for 2014 like so...http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/UPDATED-Hi-Lite-of-the-New-Year-Treat-471914
To download a pdf with six tags, click on the graphic above. 

To make life easier since I will make 32 of these, I will upload this graphic into the software of my Silhouette machine (best investment I have ever made!) and create a print and cut file.  Print and cut means that you need to add the registration marks, which the Silhouette "reads" and then it knows exactly where to cut around a printed graphic without a lot of frustration for you!

I will also add a cute cut border around the circle and a hole to string ribbon through.

Then I tell the software to fill the page.  I make adjustments and try to add more tags, but you MUST stay within the registration marks and not place your graphics too close...I have learned the hard way that the Silhouette gets majorly confused!

Finally, I print and cut.  You need to click on the Print and Cut button rather than the plain print.

The software then talks you through the steps of how to print then cut your design easily.   After they are all printed and cut out then tie them onto a new highlighter with some ribbon. (I used rubber bands last year to attach them...live and learn...yes I had students try to shoot the rubber bands at each other...ARG!)

I hope your students enjoy their little treat as much as mine did last year (and I hope they do this year too!).

* For those of you that have a Silhouette, if you would like a copy of my print and cut file, email me and let me know!  I am happy to share!

01 January 2014

A New Year...A New Currently!

Happy New Year!
Yes it has been a long while...and I'm feeling so bad that I haven't been able to blog for way too long!  But part of my  resolutions is to get on here more...no excuses.

So a great way to get back into the swing is with Currently from
 So here is the first Currently for 2014...
Listening - I never watch Dance Moms, but nothing like a little drama to start a new year!
Loving - Free time!  I got my grades done, so I get to enjoy a little free time and relaxation time...yeah!
Thinking - Even though I'm trying to relax...the lessons plans I need to write are in the back of my mind.
Wanting - I've found so many cute vinyl projects on Pinterest...and I want to do one or two!  I am narrowing down my choices, will make, and show you!
Needing - Get this!  Good news - I have lost 50 pounds!  Bad news - I have a major problem that my pants are falling off me...a good problem...but still a major problem.
Memory & Tradition -
Every year we decorate cut sugar cookies as a family on Christmas Eve.  My dad makes the dough from scratch and is the roller and cutter.  My sister and I would decorate with sugars.  Sometimes my mom joins us but many time she is finishing gift wrapping.  We had another decorator old enough to be added to the group this year...
my 2-year-old nephew Colt!
He loved decorating with the sugars...though much ended up in his mouth rather than the cookies!  He loved to eat his cookies just like his best bud Cookie Monster.
Until next time, have a great start to a new year!


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