31 December 2019

Gifts from Google

I think I forgot to make this announcement on here. It was a process that was a little intimidating to me but once I sat down and put my mind to it. In October I achieved a HUGE goal of mine to become a...

Yay! Look...I'm even listed in the Google Trainer directory!  I have been busy since creating a lot of new staff development for teachers at my school...and I look forward to sharing it with you too!

So you know I really love G Suite for Education?  You know why?  Did you know the amazing amount of ways that G Suite for Education and its apps can make life easier in your classroom?  In the slide deck below, I share with you some of the gifts Google provides through G Suite for Education and more...

I hope you enjoy all of these tips and tricks...in the comments below tell me which one blew your mind the most!


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