20 April 2012

I don’t think this what they mean by "Going Green"...

We have been really been growing in our classroom...

mold and bacteria!  You just can’t study food chains and webs without growing some of your own decomposers. 
We started this experiment a month ago.  Partners placed an apple slice, bread slice, and a piece of cardboard into separate baggies making sure to label them just in case they became unrecognizable.  After taking time to record some observations in the forms of drawings and words on the sheet below...

each partnership placed their small baggies into a gallon-sized baggy and found a hiding spot for the baggy somewhere in the room.  (Kind of scary for me when I open my math manipulatives cabinet and pull out one of these bags!)
This week, we pulled out our experiments for the final time.  You would have thought that we discovered a secret tunnel to Disney World in our classroom from the glee my students expressed when we pulled out our experiments for the third and final time this week.  I heard many “Ewwws!”, a few “Coools!”, and even a “Mine’s got pimples!”

After much discussion, the students have a very solid understanding of the decomposers' role in the food chain.

Is the food chain part of your curriculum?  What experiments do you use to help students under the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers?


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