06 April 2012

It’s Goodie Friday!

One more thing I like to do for my kids during testing week is put some little confidence building words on each students desks.  (Please make sure that this is not against the rules for you!)  I print out these little mini-banners on heavier weight cardstock-type paper and rubber cement them to the top of each desk.

Well I just re-cute-ified one of my favorite little mini-banners.  This is my favorite saying to remind my students to do their best...
I know I picked up the wording from somewhere several years ago, but I just can’t remember from where anymore.
Would you like a copy for yourself??  Here are your mini banners...they are bookmark-sized, so you could use them that way too!
Do you already know that you would not be allowed to post a sign like this on each student's desk?  Could you hang a banner in your classroom or right outside your door?  Then download just the graphic (it is only showing a small red X but if you go to File and Download...it should show up!) and take it over to Vistaprint to make your own banner!
Graphic made with:


I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Your mini-banners are so cute! We are testing in 2 weeks!

    TAG...you're it! Hop over to my blog and read all about it!!


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