18 April 2012

Review Time

This is sad, but this is my reality this week...test preparation.  I put up questions on the Mimeo board...the students use the strategies I have taught to find the correct answer...then we discuss what answer is correct and how we got there.  This is a necessary evil and neither my students nor I enjoy it...but I have tried to find some ways to bribe encourage engagement in our preparations.  From these pictures, I think it may be working...

First, any time we are doing test review questions...we bring down slates (dry-erase boards) and markers...
This makes completing review questions much more fun than a packet filled with test question after test question.
Well, my buddy here doesn't seem too enthused, but it gets better...
Another motivator I use is awarding points for questions.  I found a website that would let me enter in my student’s names, and it tallies and stores points for me.  I can also use my iPhone to enter points to the website as well.  It gives positive entries a “ding” and negative entries receive a buzzer.  Students earn points for every correct answer they choose.  I only take away points when misbehaving is going on this calling out or talking/distracting hard working classmates. 
But I don’t stop there...I also give points for doing hard work to reach an answer (like math...actually working out the problem rather than trying to make a lucky guess!).  When the students hear the ding...their heads pop up to see who got the point.  The student who got the point sneaks me an excited “thank you” smile.  They love it!  After testing, their points will transfer into reward coins that they trade in for prizes at the end of the quarter.
Can you find the next motivator in this picture...
If you spotted the student responder, you are correct!  If you don’t know what these are, basically they are like a remote control that talks to the computer and allows students to input answers. 
I pull out the responders occasionally to keep engagement up.  See look at this face...
I think that’s a face that’s having some fun!
If all else fails, I am also armed with Skittles! J


  1. What website did you use to tally student points? Thank you for sharing your great ideas! :)

  2. The website I used is classdojo.com. It is meant for classroom management/behavior, but I think it has a good many more uses like this as well!


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