10 January 2013

Christmas Came Twice!

Christmas arrived again in my classroom today!  My class and I arrived back from lunch to find this on my desk...

Please forgive the mess on my desk!

My principal gave a Kindle Fire HD to each classroom teacher!  Oh happy day!

I was such a good girl because I stayed and planned instead of running home to play with my new toy!  (We do not have access to wireless internet at school.)

We were given these tablets to not only teach with but to help with data collection and anecdotal records...but really I am more interested in the teaching applications.  And my students can't wait to get their hands on the new device!  But I'm not really sure how to make one tablet work in a classroom of 29 students.  One of my sweeties suggested I let them take turns reading from it...I'm sure the demand will get worse once they realize it will do more than just let us read from it! ;) 

So I want to hear from you...how you use your tablets/ereaders...especially if you only have one in your classroom???  Are there any free/low cost apps you use with your upper grade students?


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