01 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Whoa!  Two posts in one day!  Look at me! 
But I had to join up with
for some New Year's Resolutions
Jen R. is asking for two resolutions...one personal and one blogging.
I think I make the same personal resolution every year...go to the gym more...I was off and on good at the beginning the year then really good this summer.  Then school got back in session and I got lazy.  So maybe if I word it differently I will be better about it.  How about...

"This year I resolve to Take Care of Myself." 

I think that can be all encompassing...gym, eat right, stress less, enjoy the small stuff.
My blogging resolution is kind of along the same strand, but I think will be easier to complete.  My goal was to blog three times a week...wow that was easy with a student teacher in my classroom last year.  Then summer came and I had less to blog about.  Then school came and I had a lot to blog but just not the time to do it!  But with my blog-iversary coming up soon, I have got to get good again (and I'm almost at 300 followers)!  So here we go...

"I resolve to write a blog post at least once a week."

I promise!  I will do it!
I can't wait to hear about your resolutions!  Please comment and share your resolution for the New Year with me!

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  1. I too want to try and blog more often! That is a resolution. Trying to help you reach 300..I am 297!


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