05 January 2013

Multiplying Fractions with Pasta

My word of the year is "cute-i-fy." Yes it is a word I created. It means take the skeleton of something that is un-cute, make it cute, remembering to give credit where credit is due! 

I really enjoy our Georgia Math frameworks. Our department of education cuts down on the time that you have to go searching for good math materials and puts them all in one place.

The one problem with them (at least for me) is they are not ready to go straight from the printer to the copier. For example, what does a 10-year-old really want to learn about math by solving a problem about a 60-year-old's birthday party? NONE! 

So I spent my break "cute-i-fying" and making a few other changes to the multiplying fractions unit materials (click here for a link to the Georgia framework) for better use in my room. (BTW...if you want a copy of how I modified these lessons feel free to email me! I can get them too you!)

Well, as I was re-creating, I was inspired. So as soon as the have-to work got finish, I got busy creating something else. I am so proud to share with you…

I created these cards to provide additional practice with finding the fraction of a number. Here are some examples of the kinds of questions I included…

 These cards are meant to be used with manipulatives, and I will use actual pasta. But if you don’t know what kind of pasta you are looking for or where to find it, guess what!!! I included pasta manipulatives with a key to identify each kind...

You can purchase a copy of these cards by heading to either...
I hope you enjoy!


  1. I love your pasta fraction unit! What a super cute and creative way to engage your students and make the learning meaningful! I am going to pin it now! Happy New Year!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. This faction pasta unit is super cute. I teach 5th grade and my students would love this. It will make learning hands on and more interactive. Thanks for sharing.


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