06 January 2013

Freebie - Am I that Transparent?

In science, we have been studying light.  In this study, we learn about reflection, refraction, and the eye.  And to help us review all the concepts we learned before the Winter Break, we had a distance learning lesson with a scientist in Ohio.  (We are lucky enough to have a distance learning lab at my school!)  I am kicking myself right now that I didn't take pictures...argh!

Also, as part of that light study, we learn about tranparent, translucent, and opaque materials.  And since I love a good sort, I thought I would share a freebie with you...
Go to either
to get your copy to add to your science bag'o'tricks!
Oh...and don't forget to enter for another freebie...your choice of tablet from Teachers Notebook!  Click on the picture below to enter...



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