26 February 2013

More Practice with Prepositions

I have another activity that I created to give my students more practice using and identify prepositions.  My students needed a little more practice with picking out preposition from sentences they write, so I created...
I made preposition cards and noun cards and printed them on two different colored papers.  I placed these cards into two different buckets.
A student pulls a card from the preposition bucket and a card from the noun bucket.  On his or her recording sheet, the student writes a sentence using the preposition and noun on the cards.  The noun must be used as the object of the preposition.
I would like share this activity with you.  Click on the picture of the recording sheet below to download a copy of the recording sheet, the preposition cards, and the noun cards that you can use with your students!
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  1. Thank you for this! Just used it today with my sixth grade class. They loved it!! I had them work in groups and told them not to circle or underline anything in their sentences. Then when they finished they traded with another group who found the prep. and obj. To wrap up we shared sentences. I had the kids "play teacher" by reading a sentence and then calling on someone else to say what the prep. and obj. is. Worked out great, thanks again!!


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